Saskatchewan is known as the Land of Living Skies and Regina is famous for it's Infinite Horizons. Centre Square Place is designed to emphasize these rare and enviable features.

The Centre Square Place condominium project represents a unique convergence of vision between the architect and the developer. The tower's strong geometric shapes and large expanses of glass reflect the inherent beauty of Saskatchewan's landscape.

The building's circular form provides panoramic views from every suite. This feature reflects and reinforces the quality of the surrounding cityscape, with infinite 360° horizons. Breathtaking views capture the drama of Saskatchewan's living sky. Our architectural vision combines high-performance and high-design, responding to Regina's demand for upscale living spaces that are healthy, day-lit, energy-efficient and low maintenance.

Each suite's design features optimal orientation and extensive window area allowing for abundant natural light and excellent prairie and city views, without thermal discomfort or excess energy use.

As architects, we are committed to promoting advances in sustainable building design and construction. Our building integrates innovative selections, finishes and solutions into the master planning and the creative design process.

Our architectural vision and green building commitment is creating a remarkable and precedent-setting work of architecture; a signature project for the City of Regina.

Design By:
Number 10 Architectural Group.